I am a geographer using food and agricultural production as a lens to explore human-environment interactions and spaces of resistance. I currently conduct research and teach at the University of Delaware in the Department of Geography (link). I hold a joint appointment with the Department of Women & Gender Studies and am affiliate faculty in Latin American & Iberian Studies.

Curriculum Vitae 2018 (Updated 12.2017)

I am primarily interested in how people use food and/or agricultural production as a means to resist and what forms this resistance takes–from mundane everyday acts and knowledge exchange to active protest and civil disobedience. I draw from frameworks in critical and feminist geopolitics, decolonial philosophy, and diverse economies to ground action-oriented research.

Specific topics that I focus on include:

  • food justice
  • food sovereignty
  • home gardens
  • food tourism
  • urban food forests
  • alternative agri-food systems
  • agroecological systems
  • fair trade
  • resistance
  • solidarity
  • autonomy
  • diverse and community economies

My regional focus is primarily Latin America and the Caribbean, however, I also conduct research in Spain as well as the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.

* * * Recent Media * * *

“Professor Lindsay Naylor Brings Food and Geography Together.” WVUD Campus Voices


Eat This Podcast
© Jeremy Cherfas

“Pushing good coffee: Beyond merely fair in search of ethical trade.” Eat This Podcast. Features Dr. Naylor’s research on fair trade coffee in Chiapas, Mexico.

Naylor and Jackson - WVUD

Geography Matters! Listen to Drs. Lindsay Naylor and Paul Jackson discuss “Where & Why: Human Geography” on WVUD’s Campus Voices.



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